Animal Tattoos

The best animal tattoo designs

In this gallery of animal tattoos, you will see a great variety of species of animals. Also, the most popular and tattooed ones, so you can see the different meanings and values associated with each of these drawings. Discover the latest animal tattoos and their true meanings, as lion tattoo, wolf tattoo, cat tattoo, scorpion tattoo, horse tattoo and others.

The meaning of animal tattoo

Animals, since the beginning of time, interacted with humans. They have always been in touch with them. We are not referring only to pets. But also to different species of animals that were held sacred by various civilizations throughout history. The animals were seen as a symbol of fertility, hope, happiness, freedom, hope, joy, luck, sadness, fear, etc. Animals have a multitude of meanings that depend on each society and the sociocultural context of each era. Animal tattoos shows the importance of the relationship between tattooed people and their animals.